Baka Mother Fucka

Baka is really a nerd dude who is also very inventive... if it's possible to call building a torture room for bdsm funtime with his huge-chested girlfriend. Yes, he has a girlfriend! And her name is Diva Mizuki with awesome forms and has been starring some additional hentai games on her own (it's possible to try to get these games on our site). But seems like today she is out of town so could be Baka has no girlfriend at all... but he has a bdsm chamber that has to be placed in a string of tests because when he'll invite his actual girlfriend evryething would work decently. So who will help him in that? Well, looks liek Baka has revved on so much while constructing that anyone who'll arrive in the doorstep is going to perform just fine! And should you want to knwo that it was then you should embark playing the game right now.

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