Dead or alive (DOA)


This is completely animated sex sport. You have an opportunity to fuck Kasumi in so many places! Click to make a Fuck task. Some levels need rapid fucking, a number of them rhythmic clicking. Click faster as time bar begins to develop and you'll score more points. In the conclusion of the match that an unlockable bonus is waiting for You!

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Sleeping Kasumi

Kasumi is big-titted ninja princess... and most likely that's the reason why the entire game has been made from japanese language! But don't worry - you will barely miss any serios parts of the story because the main purpose of this game is to perform one quest - to touch Kasumi's curves sans waking her up! Right from the embark you will find Kasumi sleeping so you just can't miss such a chance to have fun with her a little bit. Choose one of few deeds (it is dependent upon which stage of her funbags you will employ your mouse cursor precisely) and do it to get a slong as her focus level won't hit the maximum. And actually you do not want this to happen because this will wake her up and finish your game in exactly the identical time. So don't rush and love every second of your time one on one with Kasumi!

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